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My other classical music

Anything But Final  NEW! 

An entertaining 8-minute piece for glockenspiel and piano. Written in 1987 as a relaxation while studying for my university final exams, hence the title. Should work well for flute, clarinet or violin.




Score (Sibelius file)


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Score (PDF)



Glockenspiel part (Sibelius file)




Glockenspiel part (PDF)







Consequences of a Theme by Paganini  NEW! 

Cheeky, noisy fun for six percussion players, based on the famous Paganini theme. Written in 1986.




Score (Sibelius file)




Score (PDF)




Individual parts for the six players available, contact me.







I Must Decrease

A rhapsodic, meditative piece for violin and piano, about 8 minutes long. Written in 2000. Uses tonal harmonies but with no fixed tonal centre. The title refers to John 3:29.




Score (Sibelius file)




Score (PDF)




Violin part (Sibelius file)




Violin part (PDF)







Kiosk  NEW! 

3 minutes of peppy classical/jazz crossover, written as background music for a marketing presentation on a kiosk. The piece has no name, and 'kiosk' is such a funny little word that seems to mirror the piece's character, for some unaccountable reason.




Audio (MP3)







This Day We Celebrate

A short Christmas anthem for two part choir (women + men) and organ (also suitable for piano or harp). Light, simple and joyful. Great for amateur choirs. Written in 1995.




Score (Lilypond file)




Score (PDF)


















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More of my pre-2000 classical works coming soon...