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Short story


A short science fiction story about greed and altruism. The overall atmosphere is sad: even the little robot guide dies in the end.


Written for a newspaper competition in 2005.

















Darik (pdf)






Christian drama

3 Christmas plays

A series of short, humorous plays on Christmas themes, each written for four actors, requiring minimal scenery and props. Suitable for use in church services. Each play has a strong gospel message. Written in 2001-2003.











1. Two young and rather inexperienced angels are sent on assignment to get the Christmas story underway.








Angels play (pdf)








2. A stressed-out factory supervisor discovers what Jesus did, through the hidden kindness of his boss.








Factory play (pdf)








3. One of the wise men from the East, bookish and impractical, gets some revelation through the faith of his son.








Wise man play (pdf)










Coming later:

Short training primers for church PA systems